Peter Ministering

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 285
Acts 9:32-10:48

As Peter checked on all the Christians, he came to Lydda land.
One lame eight years, lay on his bed. Peter looked upon the man.

In the name of Jesus arise. Immediately the lame man did.
Then all the folks that heard of Christ, believed what Peter said.

Near in Joppa Dorcas died. She sewed widows clothes for free.
Her passing greatly grieved the church, in that town beside the sea.

They called and said, please Peter. Come see where Dorcas's laid.
Peter came and next to Dorcas, he bowed his head and prayed.

God raised her up. Of those who heard, many did believe.
Then Peter visited Simon. A tanner by the sea.

Now up the coast lived Cornelius, a centurion who prayed and gave.
God said, I've heard your prayers my man. You seek. Now I will save.

Call Peter down in Joppa. I'll have him come to you.
But going to a Gentile's house, that, Peter wouldn't do.

So as his servants head to Joppa, Peter got a private lesson.
God showed him unclean animals. Now eat, and say your blessin'.

I can't eat these, said Peter. They're unclean and I'm a Jew.
Three times God said, don't call unclean what I've prepared for you.

As Peter wondered what this meant, three men, God said, are here.
Go with them to Cornelius' home, and Peter, do not fear.

Cornelius had a house full. Peter preached of Jesus Christ.
And as he preached and they believed, God gave eternal life.

The Spirit came upon them as they learned of Christ that day.
But Peter learned a lesson too. To all, Christ is the way.

Can any forbid water? These Gentile's have believed.
Cornelius' host was baptized. Salvation they'd received.

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