Paul & Silas

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 289
Acts 15:35-16:40

Paul and Barnabas said, let's journey again and see how the churches do.
Let's take John Mark, but Paul said no. If he goes, he goes with you.

So Paul took Silas to Syria, and to Cyprus Barnabas took Mark.
Instead of just one, to two different lands, these teams would now embark.

Paul finally arrived in Lystra, and there met Timothy.
They established churches in cities and towns and gave them God's decree.

They started to head to Asia, but God said, there don't go.
So they turned the direction of Bythinia. But again God told them, no.

In a vision a Macedonian man was calling Paul to come down.
So they sailed from Troas to Phillipi, a Macedonian town.

While there a woman named Lydia believed and they stayed in her dwelling.
But while they preached they met some folks made wealthy by fortune telling.

'Twas a woman possessed by a spirit. And that spirit Paul cast out.
Her masters were angry. Paul's ruined everything. They were angry there was no doubt.

They stirred up the people and tore off their clothes and commanded that Paul be beat.
With Silas they threw him in prison. Put chains on their hands and feet.

But instead of complaining Paul and Barnabas sang. At midnight the prison shook.
Their bands fell off. The doors opened wide. Now the jailor was on the hook.

He was sure the prisoners must have escaped and was ready to do himself in.
Paul yelled, we're all here. Do yourself no harm. Reckon he said that with a grin?

How can I be saved, the big jailor cried out. Probably now, feeling more like a mouse.
Believe, Paul replied, on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved and your house!

Next day the magistrate ordered, let Paul and Silas go free.
You have beaten two Romans, Paul let them know, when you beat Silas and me.

When Paul said that the magistrate feared, for this was not to be so.
He humbly begged forgiveness and gently let them go.

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